Alluring Characteristics Of French Country Kitchens

For many people, the French country style is best illustrated by the traditional design and interior of country houses built in the southern and central provinces of France, Belgium, and Catalonia (a region in Spain). French County kitchen interior is quite popular – it associates with comfort and delicious homemade meals. Today, in our rapidly changing age filled with information flow, one so much wants simple and straightforward things. And the French country style in the interior is a wonderful opportunity for it!

1. Bright and at the same time gentle pastel palette of the kitchen interior will make breakfasts and dinners in it much tastier as bright colors stimulate the appetite!
2. Rustic style is a more brutal version of French country style. The interior of this kitchen is emphasized with the spacious room, high vaulted brick ceilings and deliberately roughed wooden table.
3. The bright yellow table is the composite center of this French country kitchen: it catches the eye and adds some dynamics.
4. The aged surface of kitchen cabinets creates an atmosphere of a cozy family home where several generations spent their lives. Home comfort – one of the most attractive features of the French country style.
#5 Murals by Davis Santiago
#5 Murals by Davis Santiago.
The interior of this kitchen is the embodiment of hot Catalonia. Decorative elements, the bunch of red hot peppers, for instance, create an appropriate mood and highlight the key points.
6. A French country style can be applied to a city apartment kitchen as well: you just need to choose a kitchen set in French country style and add a few decorative items: bar stools with backs in retro style, porcelain dishware.
7. The delicate pale yellow shade of wall decorative plaster in this kitchen perfectly goes with the warm tone of the furniture and ceiling beams. And all this together create a sunny mood.
8. The combination of white and blue – perfect decision for a kitchen interior in Mediterranean style: it feels like you will face the Cote d’Azur once the door is opened.
9. If a tensely expressed rustic is not your style, choose a kitchen within classic models: a constrained decor in the form of columns and simple forms of eaves will accentuate your good taste and sense of style.
10. The main decoration of this kitchen – tiled “apron” above the stone. However, the rest of this kitchen interior amazingly goes with this decor detail.
#11by Mobalpa
#11by Mobalpa.
Kitchens by Mobalpa – is the style of your life. If you dream of a lovely French country house, you can simply choose a suitable model in a French country style.
#12 by Paul Zygmunt
#12 by Paul Zygmunt.
Not everyone can afford a real fireplace with an open heart in the kitchen. But if you are one of those lucky people who have this opportunity – do not restrict yourself from the pleasure of sitting by the burning fire after dinner.
13. Who said that a kitchen unit must be composed of items with similar colors? The interior of this French country kitchen perfectly combines cabinets in milky-white, gray and dark varnished wood.
14. Vintage objects have their own charm. Their presence in the interior of a kitchen makes it a real center of attraction for the whole family.

Prince Street / Rue de Prince

This home sets on top of the Cordillera Rocky Mountains in central Colorado in a development that “has its roots in the regions of central and southern Europe.

#15 by ТОМАС oppelt
#15 by ТОМАС oppelt (USA).
Pine kitchen furniture in natural wood color in a French country style is perfectly matched with a strict black-and-white island in a classic form.
16. The use of natural materials in furnishing with wood and stone, in particular, is one of the conditions for creating an interior in a French country style.
#17 by BriAnna Cowden
#17 by BriAnna Cowden (Berea, KY, USA).
The country style is diverse: each country has its characteristic features of the style. Nevertheless, in whatever area you are in, a country interior has a single common feature: the kitchen space must be comfortable and homelike warm.
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