The Stateliness Of Black Living Room

Recently, black color has actively come into a trend. Living room interior decoration in black colors – a brave and unique step. This living space will become an ornament for any apartment or house, will bring some aristocracy and chic into the interior, as well as be remembered from the very first sight. You want to watch a living space in black color for hours and find new elements each time. Designers from all around the world have taken up the idea of styling living rooms in black color and create stunning interiors.

Black Living

1 ahmed-wafa
#1 by Ahmed Wafa (Dammam, Saudi Arabia).
The bright glossy black sofa with soft armrests is functional. A contrast is made with the matte black wall with rectangular murals and a large white painting in the style of Impressionism.
2 ahmed-wafa
2 The coffee table is designed in a glossy style. The golden bezel is combined with the black color. The table is ergonomic and functional. If you need to put things, you can pull the lower tier.
3 ahmed-wafa
3 The armchairs are made in brown shades, the soft leather seats are comfortable. The wooden armrests will appeal to those who love to sit in an armchair with a book and a cup of hot coffee. You can place the cup on the armrests.
4 Anwar-Hakim
4 Anwar Hakim (Kuwait City, Kuwait).
The whole attention – to the neon lights. Walls look voluminous with the backlit on the sides.
5 Anwar-Hakim
5 The bed is a solid two-tier one. The first tier is thick, the second – thin. Thanks to the cushions and the headrests near the wall, it will be comfortable not only to lie but also to sit.
6 Anwar-Hakim
6 The bedside table and the lamp create the brightest contrast – black-white. The white lights from the lamp won’t be too bright even at night because of the black color of the walls. Therefore, you can read at night or sleep with the light on.
7 Anwar-Hakim
7 The zone of the table and bed is well delimited. The glass table designed in modern style, perfectly fits into the room interior, while and the curved legs of the table emphasize the uniqueness of the design.
8 Anwar-Hakim
8 The sofa is made in modern style, too. It is very comfortable, you can change the height of the seats and the position of the couch. Also due to the additional section, the sofa can be used as a place to rest.


Takin Back My Love

9 aTng 糖
#9 by aTng 糖 (Chengdu, China).
An interesting strict design, where you should pay attention to the huge sofa-transformer. Such like sofa allows to change the positions of the sections to your mood, lengthen or shorten the main sections, as well as split one sofa into two smaller ones or several ottomans.
10 aTng 糖
10 The long shelf under the TV will permanently solve the problem of missing glasses, remote controls, books, or will become a wonderful decoration for the room if some candles or photo frames are placed o it.
11 aTng 糖
11 The chairs near the dining table are comfortable and well highlight the interior. You can sit comfortably back having your spine supported.

Black Living Room

Personal project

12 Dusan-Vukcevic
#12 by Dusan Vukcevic (Črnomelj, Slovenia).
Furniture made of natural fabrics is always in fashion. The soft sofa made of linen will suit allergic people. The armrests are not tough. A sofa made of such type of fabric is also perfectly cleaned from dust.
13 Dusan-Vukcevic
13 The coffee table is made of glass, the edges have ledges that allow the things and dishes stand steadily on the table.
14 Dusan-Vukcevic
14 You can place very fragile things on the table and not be afraid. There is a functional bookcase next to the couch.

Black Living Room

Here is a living room, work from a picture I’ve found in a book.

15 Roland-Beaubois-GC-Studio
15 Roland Beaubois GC Studio (Paris, France).
A convertible sofa – the hit of the year. You can turn it into a huge bed, placing all the sections on the floor, or create several small ottomans and a couple of not large sofas.

Black Living Room Interior

Dancing On My Own ..

Listening to a song by Calum – dancing on my own give me the inspiration to create and design this lonely feeling living room !

16 Tamkeen-Office
16 Tamkeen Office (Jenin, Palestinian Territory).
Round armchairs – another hit of the year. In combination with the large and soft sofa, it creates a unique interior of a living room.
17 Tamkeen-Office
17 The corner sofa features movable armrests that can be adjusted as desired. You can make a soft back or remove them at all. Small cushions will perfectly suit those who like to take a nap in front of the TV.
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