Unique Bathroom Designs by Marco Podrini

Bathroom – the place for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. A couple of years ago the colors in bathroom interiors ranged within pastel shades, but now designers actively combine hard-to-match elements and dark shades in bath spaces. Recently, dark colors, crisp minimalist lines, and minimum details have come into interiors. A bathroom made in this style looks luxurious and original.

#1 by Marco Podrini
#1 by Marco Podrini (Pesaro, Italy).
Tiny bathrooms have been replaced by spacious rooms where you feel relaxed and comfortable. A variety of colors is not allowed. The interior is made in the shades of one color. The bath is in the middle of the room: this arrangement increases the visual depth of the room. The interior is made in dark colors, yet the warm light and wooden surfaces soften the cold shades of the room creating a balance of warm and cool tones.
#2 A large deep tub lighted by a huge lamp – what you need for relaxation after a working day. The plafond and the bath are made in minimalist style, with the use of clear and smooth lines, thereby the visual space is increased. The combination of black and white colors brings a unique contrast, and the wooden surfaces soften the overall color tone of the room.
#3 The view from top shows that the bathroom is spacious inside, though due to the shape and color palette of the interior you get the feeling of a small size bathroom. The light from the lamp falls exactly on the water that the fans of reading a book in the bathtub will greatly appreciate.
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